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washable social face mask

We offer you individually designed, washable social face-masks
already from 100 pieces!

Here are the properties of our masks:

  • 3-layer masks:

    • inside (always in white): 100% cotton

    • middle: filter 100% polypropylene

    • front-side: 100% polyester

  • one size fits all

  • removable nose clip

  • weight: 22 g

  • washable up to 60ºC

  • made in PORTUGAL

  • multicolored design possible

  • The mask is not a medical device and not a personal protective equipment (PPE),
    therefore there is no CE mark.

  • In Portugal CITEVE certified for general use in connection with Covid-19 - level 3
    ("mascáras covid-19 aprovado - uso geral (nível 3)")

Maske Baronigg Textil.jpg
Foto Masken2 Zeilen.jpg
Masken Lissabon.jpg
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